This is a list of the number of graphic design services provided by Pencil Castle Pictures. Our services are adapted to the client’s needs, as he might not need a full graphic design production by Pencil Castle, but some specific services for his own production. In any case, Pencil Castle’s contribution to the final production should be clearly stated from the beginning of the graphic design project and signed by the client.
Graphic Design
THE COST of the Graphic Design is defined by:
WHY those factors affect the Final Cost?
The Number and Complexity of the ideas presented in the brief.

The Number of the Versions of the Designed Logo.

The Level of Detail in Style & Design.

The Number of Changes on the brief context by the client
and the extension of the originally approved timeframe of the project.
Because those factors will define how many days the final graphic design is going to take in order to be completed and delivered to the client. Complex and Detailed designs and Ideas need more paid working days for their completion.

The final cost of the graphic design will be negotiated via email, after the submission of the project brief by the client.

For the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of service, please click the TERMS AND CONDITIONS Tab in the Main Menu Screen.
SOFTWARE used in the Graphic Design Production:
Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator / Adobe InDesign.
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